International Forest Garden / Food Forest Symposium

Online 31 May-4 June 2021
and on-demand

Symposium materials

Agroforestry Research Trust
Dartington forest garden tour

Martin Crawford take you on a tour of the forest garden started in 1994.

Agroforestry Research Trust
Littlehempston site tour

Martin Crawford take you on a tour of the site which includes four forest gardens!

Jo Homan - ELL site tour 2020

Jo Homan takes you on a short tour of the Edible Landscapes London site.

Guided Tree Meditation

Mary Nott leads this tree meditation (30 minutes)

Tour of Huelemu Forest Garden

Ricarbol takes us on a tour of his forest garden in Chile

Green Deal: Food forests

The “creation story” of food forests produced by the Dutch Green Deal Platform

An Evergreen Abundance (Abundancia siempreverde)

A journey through a territory that unfolds across Central and Southern Chile, taking in the richness and endemism of the natural forests that have existed there forever. Stunning photography and music make this full length film a magical delight!

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