Rootstock Information


  Very dwarf Dwarf Semi dwarf Medium Semi vigorous Vigorous Very vigorous
Almond St Julian A
Apple M27 M9 M26 M116 MM106 MM111 M25
Apricot Torinel, Krymsk 86  Wavit St Julian A
Cherry Gisela 5 Colt F12.1
Cherry plum Pixy, VVA1 St Julian A
Damson Pixy, VVA1 St Julian A
Gage Pixy, VVA1 St Julian A
Medlar Quince C, Quince E (Elise) Quince A, hawthorn
Nectarine Torinel Krymsk86 St Julien A
Peach Torinel Krymsk86 St Julien A
Pear Quince C, Quince E (Elise) Quince A Pyrodwarf Pyrus communis, Kirchensaller
Plum Pixy, VVA1 St Julien A Brompton
Quince Quince C, Quince E (Elise) Quince A



  • M27 – very dwarf. Produces mini trees up to 2m high, good for small gardens.
  • M9 – dwarf. Very productive, needs permanent staking. Good for cordons.
  • M26 – semi dwarf. Requires support, good for bushes and cordons.
  • M116 – medium. Resistant to woolly aphid and phytophthora.
  • MM106 – semi vigorous. Good general purpose stock for all uses, staking only needed on exposed sites.
  • MM111 – vigorous. Good for half standards, no staking required, disease resistant.
  • M25 – very vigorous. Good for half and full standards.

Apricot, peaches & nectarines

  • Torinel – semi dwarf. Has improved fruit size and yield.
  • Krymsk86 – medium. Good compatibility, good anchorage, tolerant of heavy wet soils.
  • St Julian A – semi vigorous. Full compatible productive stock.


  • Gisela 5 – dwarf. Only 2-3m high, ideal for smaller trees.
  • Colt – semi vigorous. Very productive and good compatibility.
  • F12.1 – very vigorous. Makes a full tree sized cherry.

Pears & quinces

  • Quince C – dwarf. Slightly earlier into cropping, requires staking.
  • Quince E (Eline) – dwarf. Similar to Quince C but more productive and hardier. Smoother fruit with less russetting.
  • Quince A – semi vigorous. The ideal general form for bush trees.
  • Pyrodwarf – vigorous. Very good for perry varieties but good for all pears with early fruiting.
  • Pyrus communis – very vigorous. For half standard and standard trees.
  • Kirchensaller – very vigorous. More uniform and productive form of P.communis.

Plums, gages & damsons

  • Pixy – semi dwarf. Ideal for small trees 2.5-3m high.
  • VVA1 – semi dwarf. Same size as Pixy but with better fruit size, heavier yields, and increased hardiness.
  • St Julian A – semi vigorous. Full compatible productive stock.
  • Brompton – Vigorous. Ideal for standards.