Research Site Tours

The Agroforestry Research Trust is inviting interested visitors on a tour of our each of our three sites, led by Martin Crawford. Numbers are limited to 25 adults. Children are welcome as long as they are supervised.

If you want to book for a group of 10 or more then it may be better to book an individual group tour – please email us at mail (at)

It is essential that you pre-book the tours below as most tours get filled up before the day. You don’t need to pay when you book – please pay on the day. Each tour is £10.00 per adult (£7 reduced rate).

Each tour is of a single site only – there isn’t time to visit more in a couple of hours. Please make sure you have booked a tour of the right site! Some tours (of 2 different sites) have been placed on adjacent days in case you are travelling a long way here and can take advantage of staying locally.

You will get emailed directions when you book. No dogs please. Please reserve places using the forms below, or email us at mail (at)

Forest Garden at Dartington

This tour takes us around the 24-year old 2-acre forest garden at Dartington and takes about 2 hours. Please note there is a pond which is not toddler-proof.

Dartington tour dates for 2018:

Saturday 14 April 2.00pm (TOUR FULL)

Sunday 20 May 10.00am (TOUR FULL)

Friday 22 June 2.00pm

Wednesday 11 July 2.00pm (+ see Trials site tour 12 July)

Saturday 4 August 2.00pm (+ see Littlehempston tour 5 August)

Sunday 19 August 10.00am

Friday 31 August 2.00pm

Saturday 29 September 2.00pm

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Littlehempston site

This is our newest site, obtained in 2011, covering 11 acres. The tour here takes in two new forest gardens (a small garden started in 2012 and a medium sized garden in 2013), experimental coppice plantings, and the nursery. Also a climate battery greenhouse started in 2016/17 destined to have a subtropical forest garden inside. Takes about 2.5 hours. Tour dates for 2018:

Saturday 19 May 2.00pm (+ see Forest garden tour 20 May)

Sunday 5 August 10.00am (+ see Forest garden tour 4 August)

Friday 7 September 2.00pm

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Trials site

This site, just outside Dartington, has been in use since 1997 and covers 8 acres. It holds trials including about 4 acres of nut trees, autumn olive, persimmons and some more common tree fruit. The tour takes about 2 hours. Tour dates for 2018 are:

Thursday 12 July 10.00am (+ see Forest garden tour 11 July)

Saturday 6 October 2.00pm

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** We sometimes have cancellations so if you want to go on a reserve list do email us, or keep checking this page for updates tour dates. **

You will receive the instructions on how to arrive to each location via e-email after making a reservation.