Homing In: Wisdom, Knowledge and Practice in Temperate Forest Gardening (PDF)


By Justin West, MSc dissertation, 2006. Supplied as a downloadable PDF file upon purchase.


In this MSc dissertation the author looks at edible forest gardening as a form of food production which is inherently ecological because it is entirely focused on the belonging of species to particular environmental conditions and in association with each other. This work is, for simplicity, divided into three parts – belief, knowledge, and practice. Edible forest gardening has been his lens into a holistic ecology of appropriate action for the cool temperate climate of Britain. He has woven philosophical meanderings with a rigorous comparative study of invertebrate diversity in a forest garden and a ‘native’ woodland. His practice of forest gardening as an intern at the ART is woven throughout the text, and culminates in the final chapter where he explores a forest garden pattern language for the land at Schumacher College.