Growing Nut Crops


This weekend course will cover all aspects of growing common and uncommon nut crops in Britain, Europe and North America.

Course location: Dartington, Devon. It will run on the following dates (covid permitting):

16-17 October 2021


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Growing Nut Crops – Course Outline
16-17  October 2021

Teaching sessions with Martin Crawford will be interspersed with visits to forest garden and trials site where several nut crops are grown. Several unusual nut crops will also be available to taste.

Common nuts covered are Chestnuts, Hazelnuts and Walnuts.

Less common species include Almonds, Butternuts, Heartnuts, Hickory nuts, Monkey puzzle, Oaks with edible acorns, Pine nuts.

Course size: up to 20 participants.

The course will run 9.00-5.00 on Saturday & 9.00-4.30 on Sunday

Course fees: £220 (non-residential) includes teas/coffees etc.

Reduced rate places are sometimes available if you are low waged / unwaged – please enquire

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You will be sent further course details and directions when you book.

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If you want to purchase any books, seeds or plants when you are on the course, please let us know 2 weeks beforehand so that we can get them ready for you.

Cancellation policy

Because of the big demand for our courses – and because we rely as a small charity on the income to survive – we have to apply this policy strictly.

In the event of the course being cancelled you will be completely refunded course fees. We cannot be held responsible for any other fees or costs. Note – re Covid19: we will have to comply at all times with UK Government guidance on this, which may mean changes to courses or course numbers etc.

In the event of you cancelling your place:

  • prior to 6 weeks before the course you will get a 100% refund;
  • 2-6 weeks before the course you will get a 50% refund, unless we can refill your place in which case you will get an 80% refund;
  • less than 2 weeks before the course and you will not be due a refund unless we can refill the place, in which case you will get an 80% refund.

If you wish to change your booking to another date, assuming there is room, there may be a rebooking fee of £20, and/or an extra fee if delayed until the next year when course fees have increased.


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16-17 October 2021