Forest Garden tour – Dartington


Forest Garden at Dartington

This tour takes us around the 2-acre forest garden at Dartington started in 1994, with Martin Crawford.  Please note there is a pond which is not toddler-proof.

The tour is of this site only. Please make sure you have booked a tour of the right site, and note the time as there may be more than one tour per day! Some tours (of 2 different sites) have been placed on adjacent days in case you are travelling a long way here and can take advantage of staying locally. There are a couple of camp sites nearby.

Directions are available on the tours web page. No dogs please. You only need to book for the number of adults coming (children free). Note that this fee is not refundable (if a tour is cancelled by us, you will be able to reschedule).

2024 dates:

Sat 13 April 2.00pm – SOLD OUT
Tues 30 April 2.00pm – SOLD OUT
Sat 11 May 2.00pm – SOLD OUT
Sat 25 May 2.00pm – SOLD OUT
Sat 8 June 2.00pm (+see Littlehempston tour 9 June, book separately) – SOLD OUT
Fri 28 June 2.00pm – SOLD OUT
Sat 6 July 2.00pm (+ see Littlehempston tour 7 July, book separately) – SOLD OUT
Tues 30 July 2.00pm – SOLD OUT
Mon 12 Aug 2.00pm
Sun 25 Aug 2.00pm (+ see Littlehempston tour 26 July, book separately)
Thurs 5 Sept 2.00 pm (+ see Littlehempston tour 6 Sept, book separately)


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Forest Garden tour at Dartington


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Sat 13 April 2024 2.00pm, Tues 30 April 2024 2.00pm, Sat 11 May 2.00pm, Sat 25 May 2.00pm, Sat 8 June 2.00pm, Fri 28 June 2.00pm, Sat 6 July 2.00pm, Tues 30 July 2.00pm, Mon 12 Aug 2.00pm, Sun 25 Aug 2.00pm, Thurs 5 Sept 2.00pm