Apple (Malus domestica) Adams Pearmain / M26


Dessert apple. Pick October, use November-March. Flower group C. Fruit medium sized, russeted, with an excellent rich, nutty, aromatic flavour. Frost tolerant.

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All bare root maidens or two year old trees on M27, M26, or MM106 rootstock.

M27 is very dwarfing, making a tree about 1.5-2 m (5-6½ ft) high. Requires staking where exposed and good growing conditions.

M26 is a useful all-round semi-dwarf rootstock, making a bush tree growing 2.5-3.5 m (8-12 ft) high, also good for cordons. Requires staking for the first few years.

MM106 is slightly more vigorous than M26, making a bush or half standard around 4 m (13 ft) high, also good for cordons. Doesn’t usually need staking.

Unless self-fertile, all varieties require cross pollination; choose a variety with the same or an adjacent flower group (eg. ‘B’ in column ‘fg’ will be pollinated by A, B or C).

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