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  • Calendula officinalis


    Marigold. The familiar self-seeding annual grows 40-60 cm high with masses of bright yellow flowers liked by bees and hoverflies. The aromatic leaves and flower petals are edible in salads and used medicinally; the flowers dye yellow. The oil from the seeds is now used industrially. A very good companion plant, for example with potatoes; once sown it will self-seed forever. Likes a position in sun or part shade. Stratification: ND. Number of seeds: 40.

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  • Limnanthes douglasii


    Poached egg plant. An annual from Western North America, which self-seeds, forming carpets of foliage and very attractive yellow and white flowers which the hoverflies and bees love. A very good plant to sow near and around others which are susceptible to aphid attack. Makes a reasonable ground cover beneath bush fruit until the summer. Often continues to grow over mild winters and flowers in the spring. A must for every garden! Likes sun or part shade and a soil on the acid side. Stratification: ND. Number of seeds: 100.

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  • Malva sylvestris


    Common mallow. Annual or short-lived native bushy perennial growing 1 m (3 ft) high, bearing large pinkish-purple flowers from spring to autumn; again with very good edible leaves and flowers. All parts are medicinal and a fibre has been made from the stems; various dyes are made from the plant; bees love the flowers. Grow in any soil in sun or part shade; hardy to -23ºC. Stratification: ND. Number of seeds: 30.

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