Agroforestry News

Agroforestry News

Agroforestry News is our quarterly newsletter, focusing on temperate tree and shrubs crops. Issues include:

  • Reports on agroforestry research projects
  • Regular articles on fruit and nut growing
  • In-depth profiles of unusual tree and shrub crops
  • Native tree profiles
  • Propagation techniques
  • Forest gardening
  • Useful ground covers
  • Book reviews
Essential reading or all who are interested in temperate tree crops and agroforestry, Agroforestry News is available by subscription at the following rates (per year – 4 issues) including postage:
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  • Rest of the world: £30 per year
  • Sample copies and back issues are available at a price (including postage) of £4.50 each (U.K. & E.C.; £5.00 overseas.)
  • Sets of back issues: Vols 1-5, Vols 6-10, Vols 11-15: special price of £60.00 per 5 volume set.
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List of issues and contents:



Vol 1 No 1

Apple rootstocks, the Medlar, Seed: collection, Persian walnut (1), Zanthoxylum spp, The alder.

Vol 1 No 2

Seed: extraction & storage, Mulberries, Oregon grape, Forest gardening: design, Apples: disease resistance, Wild service tree, Persian walnut (2).

Vol 1 No 3

Persian walnut (3), Hedges, Apples in agroforestry, Juniper, Durable timbers, Juneberries, Seed pre-treatments.

Vol 1 No 4

Actinidia arguta, Small leaved lime, Persian walnut (4), Forest gardening: tree crops, Bamboos, Seed: sowing.

Vol 2 No 1

Monkey puzzle, Blackcurrants, Sea buckthorn, Forest gardening: Clearings, Grafténg overview, Silver Birch.

Vol 2 No 2

Gaultherias, Hazel (1), Pawpaw, Beech, Ground covers (1), Grafting – rootstocks.

Vol 2 No 3

Hazel (2), Ground covers (2), Grafting – common methods, Edible tree saps, Plums – outline, The black locust.

Vol 2 No 4

Wych elm, Lemon substitutes, Cherry plum, Hazel cultivars, Plum yews, Forest gardening: mulches.

Vol 3 No 1

Sycamore, Plum rootstocks, Forest gardening: shrub crops, Index to Vols. 1 & 2, Nut pines, Grafting: hot grafting pipe/low-tech grafting.

Vol 3 No 2

The barberries (Berberis spp), New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax), Forest gardening: edges, Ginkgo biloba: the maidenhair tree, Grafting established trees, Plum cultivation, Rowan.

Vol 3 No 3

Plum cultivars, Poncirus trifoliata; Fertility in agroforestry and forest gardens special: Overview of soil fertility, Nitrogen, Nitrogen-fixing plants, Potassium, Phosphorus, Soil pH and Calcium.

Vol 3 No 4

Greenwood tip grafting, Forest gardening: succession, Chestnuts (1), Bamboos: cultivation and management, Arbutus unedo: the strawberry tree, The honey locust: Gleditsia triacanthos, Bullaces Damsons and Mirabelles, Growing apples from pips.

Vol 4 No 1

Chestnuts special: cultivation for nuts. Covers all aspects of chestnut cultivation, including extensive cultivar list.

Vol 4 No 2

Redcurrants, Veneer grafting, Plums – minor species, The yew, chestnut hybrids.

Vol 4 No 3

Soap plants, Elaeagnus, Pear rootstocks, Diospyros virginiana – the American persimmon.

Vol 4 No 4

Diospyros lotus – the date plum, Pears: cultivation & varieties, Mycorrhizas, Black walnut – silviculture.

Vol 5 No 1

Black walnut – uses, Plants and climate change in Britain, Forest gardening: climbers, hardy Citrus, Perry pears, Asian pears.

Vol 5 No 2

Ash, Black walnut – nut cultivation, Forest gardening: root & bulb crops, kaki persimmon, cherries – species descriptions.

Vol 5 No 3

Cherry silviculture, forest farming ginseng, cherry rootstocks, gooseberries.

Vol 5 No 4

Edible acorns from oaks, Sour cherries, Sweet & Duke cherries, Forest gardening: Fungi.

Vol 6 No 1

Forest gardening: Ground cover polycultures, the bayberries, Basketry willows, The hickories, Fireblight.

Vol 6 No 2

The elder, Quince, Cornelian cherry, Large-leaved lime, Canker of apple & pear, Sorbus domestica.

Vol 6 No 3

Agroforestry overview: silvopasture, silvoarable, forest farming, forest gardening; Softwood cuttings, Figs, Codling moth.

Vol 6 No 4

Forest gardening: Perennial leaf crops, Almonds, Scab of apple & pear, Greenwood cuttings.

Vol 7 No 1

The butternut, Blackberries, Hardwood cuttings, Apple powdery mildew.

Vol 7 No 2

Bacterial canker, Layering (1), Bamboo agroforestry, the Heartnut, Medicinal plants overview, Forest gardening: polycultures and matrix planting.

Vol 7 No 3

Edible hawthorns, Medicinal plant cultivation, Layering (2), Brown rot, Raspberries.

Vol 7 No 4

Cornus species, Root cuttings, Forest Gardening: annuals, Honey fungus, Medicinal plant processing, Beneficial insects in orchards, The yellowhorn.

Vol 8 No 1

Hovenia dulcis, Division, Pollinating insects in orchards, Blueberries, Red alder, Vine weevil.

Vol 8 No 2

Poultry in tree pasture, Rhus species, Silverleaf, Winter maintenance, Torreya species, Medicinal tree crops.

Vol 8 No 3

Medicinal shrub crops, Spring maintenance, Grey mold, Grapes.

Vol 8 No 4

Medicinal perennial crops (1), Cudrania tricuspidata – Chinese mulberry, Caragana arborescens – Siberian pea tree, Forest gardening: summer maintenance, Poplars.

Vol 9 No 1

Plum fruit moth, Apricots, Pollard meadows, Chicken forage plants, The jujube – Ziziphus jujube, Medicinal perennial crops (2).

Vol 9 No 2

Cranberries, Medicinal perennial crops (3), Crown gall, Forest gardening: Plants for difficult sites (1) – trees, Chaste tree – Vitex agnus-castus, Crab apples.

Vol 9 No 3

Acca sellowiana – Pineapple guava, Forest gardening: Plants for difficult sites (2) – large & medium shrubs, Bitter pit, Medicinal plants: resources, Peaches (1).

Vol 9 No 4

Forest gardening: Plants for difficult sites (3) – small shrubs, Hicans, Ink disease, Peaches (2), Plants for façade insulation, The soil foodweb, Asimina triloba – pawpaw.

Vol 10 No 1

Plants for difficult sites – perennials (1), Akebia, Peaches (3), Northern pecans, Basketry plants, Water core.

Vol 10 No 2

Plants for difficult sites – perennials (2), Squirrels, Blue bean: Decaisnea fargesii, Staphylea, The strawberries. The Alliums, Siberian ginseng: Eleutherococcus senticosus.

Vol 10 No 3

Plants for difficult sites – perennials (3), Strawberries, Pseudocydonia sinensis, Castanea pumila, Juniperus species, Peach leaf curl.

Vol 10 No 4

The Viburnums, Windbreaks, Japanese wineberry, Plants for difficult sites – annuals (1), Some perennial tuber plants, Replant diseases

Vol 11 No 1

Arctostaphylos – the Manzanitas, Small fruits & woody florals, Ribes, World hazelnut production, Asclepias – the milkweeds, Shothole of stone fruit.

Vol 11 No 2

Cork and cork oaks, Redwoods, Aronia – chokeberries, Apple cultivar disease-resistance trial, Polyculture yields, Wasps, Climate change impacts.

Vol 11 No 3

Kudzu – Pueraria lobata, Edible water plants, Chestnut nutritional benefits, Coppicing fruit and nut trees, Chilean hazel – Gevuina vellana, Hazelnuts in NW Europe, Apples for juice.

Vol 11 No 4

Rhubarb, Irrigation of fruit and nut trees, Own rooted fruit trees, Fuelwood, Rooks and Crows, Drying fruits and nuts, Hottentot fig.

Vol 12 No 1

Complete salad list, Sustainable orchard floor management, Walnut varieties on trial in Devon, Forest gardening: clearings revisited.

Vol 12 No 2

Taxus – the yews, Dye Plants (1), Plants for difficult sites: annuals (2) & biennials, Golden chinkapins – Castanpsis & Chrysolepis, Temperate taungya.

Vol 12 No 3

Chestnut variety trial results, Dye Plants (2), Fresh woods and pastures new, Loquats, Nut processing, Tree defences.

Vol 12 No 4

Dawn redwood, Pollination of nut trees, Blue honeysuckle – Lonicera caerulea, Dye Plants (3) – mordant and tannin plants, Voles, Chaenomeles.

Vol 13 No 1

Vaccinium – the blueberry family, Apple cultivars disease-resistance trial, Nitrogen-fixing shrubs in nut orchards, Compendium of edible fruits (1) – trees.

Vol 13 No 2

Pistacios in Italy, Carobs in China, Tree engineering, Chestnuts in Andalusia, Compendium of edible fruits (2) – shrubs, Fodder trees and shrubs.

Vol 13 No 3

Lime bast cordage, Fibre sources from bark, Pine nuts, Bamboos in China, Processing plant materials into fibres, Mulberries in China & Japan, Power driven nut cracker, Bamboo as a building material, Bamboo fibre, Compendium of edible fruits (3) – climber shrubs, The nettle – Urtica dioica.

Vol 13 No 4

Food value of annual & perennial vegetables, Horse chestnut, Dehesa agroforestry systems, Physalis, Lithocarpus, Compendium of edible fruits (4) – perennials & annuals, Woolly aphid of apple, Pine resin.

Vol 14 No 1

Chestnut variety trial results, Insect control by bats, Passiflora, Bacterial diseases control by plants, the Myrtles, swamp cypress, storage of organic apples and pears.

Vol 14 No 2

Soil influences of tree roots, Hops.

Vol 14 No 3

Mixed species cropping, Sap from black walnut, Rose hips, apples in agroforestry systems, chestnuts – post harvest quality, world hazelnut culture, plants for windy sites (1) – trees, Oriental persimmon in Europe.

Vol 14 No 4

Deep pipe irrigation, Cloudberries, Malva – the mallows, Trees and aquaculture, Zanthoxylum, New Zealand flax, Lindera benzoin, Tree pruning in agroforestry

Vol 15 No 1

Chestnut products, Shrubs for windy sites, Walnut agroforestry, forest garden invertebrate diversity, Walnut wood and its utilisation

Vol 15 No 2

2006 Trial ground report, Using wood for fuel (woods for burning, log and woodchip heating systems), Shrubs for windy sites (2), Hemerocallis – the daylilies

Vol 15 No 3

Silvoarable systems in Europe, Rumex – the docks and sorrels, Edible mushrooms from wood, the lupins, Plants for windy sites – perennials, Sedum – the stonecrops.

Vol 15 No 4

Forest gardens – how they develop, persist and decline, Mentha – the mints, Red bayberry, Apples which hang well on the tree.

Vol 16 No 1

Paper mulberry, Nitrogen fixation in plants, Hardy nitrogen-fixer list, birch uses

Vol 16 No 2

Wooden shingles and shakes, Sea buckthorn, Attracting beneficial insects

Vol 16 No 3

Nut tree breeding – stone pine, walnut, almond, hazelnut; Pests – deer and rabbits; Ostrich fern – Matteuccia struthiopteris; A low cost nut sorting machine; Roots of fruit & nut trees.

Vol 16 No 4

Climate change and agroecosystems – agricultural dimensions of climate change, plants and soil responses, pests, diseases, farming methods, suggested responses.

Vol 17 No 1

RISC rooftop forest garden, Crops for a warming climate, Paulownia, Inks and paints, Hemp.

Vol 17 No 2

Landscape planning for agroforestry, The ART forest garden, Woad as an indigo crop, Traditional Andean cultivation systems, Viola – the violets.

Vol 17 No 3

Soil organisms; The Campanulas, Coast redwood for timber, American gooseberry mildew, biochar.

Vol 17 No 4

Forest gardens and carbon sequestration, Greek agroforestry systems, Black truffles, Autumn olive in forestry, Agroforestry in Portugal, Agroforestry in the Netherlands.

Vol 18 No 1

Plumcots, Mulberries, the future for chestnut, Juneberries – Amelanchier species, Blue honeysuckle – Lonicera caerulea.

Vol 18 No 2

Plant resins, Chestnut peeling, Future impacts of climate change on UK forests, Alternative rubber plants, American gooseberry mildew.

Vol 18 No 3

Toona sinensis – Chinese toon, Land use options for sustainable farming, Autumn olive – Elaeagnus umbellata, Mycorrhizae, Sea buckthorns, Myoga – a hardy ginger, Nut Wizard harvesters.

Vol 18 No 4

Ginkgo biloba – maidenhair tree, Sea buckthorn, Beers and ales from trees and shrubs, Cornus mas – Cornelian cherry, history of sweet chestnut.

Vol 19 No 1

Biomass – a burning issue, Abies and Picea – the firs and the spruces.

Vol 19 No 2

Bamboo uses – overview, a few perennial vegetables, the importance of bees in nature.

Vol 19 No 3

Some more perennial vegetables, forest products from insects, Trees and shrubs yielding edible oils.

Vol 19 No 4

Silvopastoralism, Historical polycultures in Italy, Windbreak design, Integrated agroforestry.

Vol 20 No 1

Special issue: The oaks (with special reference to acorns as a food crop)

Vol 20 No 2

Lime and soil acidity, Voles, Schidandra, Trees and shrubs for acid soils, Thuja, Damping off, Direct seeding of woody plants, Trees and shrubs tolerant of salt spray.

Vol 20 No 3

Bamboo leaf uses, French apple varieties, Seaweeds, The comfreys, Bracken as a peat substitute, Vole control with kestrels.

Vol 20 No 4

Glycyrrhiza – the liquorices, Nitrogen fixers, Oxalis, Damping off, Goji berries.

Vol 21 No 1

Medlars, Myrica – the wax myrtles & bayberries, Pawpaw.

Vol 21 No 2

Beech nuts, Japanese plums, Cedrus, Plum pox, Japanese parsley, Kumquats.

Vol 21 No 3

Sustainable cider apple production, Timber species for the future in the UK.

Vol 21 No 4

European agroforestry systems, Timber species for the future (2), Perennial seeding.

Vol 22 No 1

Organic blueberries, Juneberries, perennial grains, rowan.

Vol 22 No 2

Saskatoon, sea buckthorn, algae, Persimmons.

Vol 22 No 3

Berberis vulgaris, trees and soil pH, pollarding in W Norway, plants for alkaline soils.

Vol 22 No 4

Shepherdia argentea, natural succession in agroforestry, hardy Eucalyptus, damping off, natural insecticides.

Vol 23 No 1

Pine nuts, agroforestry in Europe, Urban trees and Ozone

Vol 23 No 2

Agroforestry farm in Portugal, new ART projects, useful chemicals from trees.

Vol 23 No 3

Shrub alders, forest garden in Sweden, Rosacaea intergeneric hybids, Atriplex, new tree and forest gardening books.

Vol 23 No 4

The Mahonias, Fuchsias for edible flowers and fruits, some shrub nitrogen fixers.

Vol 24 No 1

Walnut and hazel agroforestry, wood pastures of Europe, fire resistant trees, soil in agroforestry systems, wolfberries and gojiberries, a pioneering solar house.

Vol 24 No 2

Aspen agroforestry, Marsh woundwort, Himalayan sea buckthorn, Manuka / tea tree, small forest gardens, book reviews.

Vol 24 No 3

Review of hardy Acacias, Book review: How to grow your own nuts.

Vol 24 No 4

Cercis – the redbuds, Araucaria wanderings, Agroecological priciples for conversion and redesign of farming systems, witch hazel.

Vol 25 No 1

Successional agroforestry, tree hay, ash trees for fodder, forest garden greenhouse in Devon, bladdernuts, the PA forest garden trial, Book reviews.

Vol 25 No 2

N and C at forest edges, Allium antioxidants, Pawpaws, silvopasture in NE USA, forest garden greenhouse construction, Honeyberries / haskaps.

Vol 25 No 3

Himalayan wild fruits and berries, Native Chilean fruits as functional foods, Forest garden greenhouse update, Gardening in a changing climate.

Vol 25 No 4

Narrow leaved lupin as a an edible seed crop, Wasabi, Sycamore maple syrup, Creating fire-resistant landscapes.

Vol 26 No 1

Hornshurst forest garden, Juglone, Revisiting Robert Hart’s forest garden, Forest garden archetypes.

Vol 26 No 2

Climate change & Nitrogen-fixers, Origanum, the ART forest garden greenhouse – first year, Plantains (Plantago spp.)

Vol 26 No 3

Food forests for schools in Miami, Climate change and tree distributions , Soil Fungi and forest resilience, The Picasso Food Forest, Botany and horticulture of Pinus pinea.

Vol 26 No 4

Pollution and fungi, Exploring the potential of edible forest gardens:, Food Forests in the American Southwest, How Forest Garden Systems Combined with People-Based ethics Can Transform Culture.

Vol 27 No 1

Polyculture agroforestry in the Amazon, Chaenomeles japonica, Nut production in the Pacific Northwest, Homemade Nut dryer.

Vol 27 No 2

Cork by-products, Agroforestry in Morocco, A scientific approach to researching and promoting sustainable agro-ecosystems, Agroforestry in the Caucasus.

Vol 27 No 3

Chickens in a chestnut forest, Lespedeza, Cytisus, Natural colourants, Wild vegetables in the Caucasus, 100 years of walnut breeding, Capparis spinosa.

Vol 27 No 4

Biodiversity in forest gardens / Health benefits of forest gardens, Acorn production in Korea, Alley cropping system yields.

Vol 28 No 1

Fungi and sequestration, Soil moisture sensor experiment, Sustaimnable fruit growing?, urban hedges.

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