New orders for delivery autumn and winter 2019-20 can now be made online

BREXIT NOTE: We are now taking plant orders from other EU countries and the Channel Islands to send November 2019-January 2020.

New introductions in 2019 include:

  • Allium proliferum - Egyptian onion
  • Mulberry Bistrica
  • Plum Katinka
  • Miracot Sprimira
  • Rowan Klosterneuberg, Nevezhinkskaya
  • Sorbus hybrids Burksina, Titan
  • Hazels Fertile de Coutard, Lewis
  • Walnuts Apollo, Jupiter, mars, Saturn
  • Fragaria vesca varieties
  • Perpetual leeks
  • Asparagus Conovers Colossol, Jersey Knight
  • Bergenia cordifolia
  • Cymbopogon spp - lemon grass, ginger lemon grass
  • Ligusticum scoticum - Scotch lovage
  • Rumex patienta - herb patience
  • Tulbaghia violacea - society garlic
  • Perennial N-fixers Amorpha, Baptisia, Galega, Lotus etc

Most apple, pears, plums etc. are 1.2 to 1.8 m (4-6 ft) high. Varieties marked * are protected by plant breeder’s rights.

Current Stock As the selling season progresses, stock levels of our plants will start going down. For a current overview of plants left in stock, please navigate here: Top Fruit Soft Fruit Nuts Unusual Edibles & Other Plants

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