Plant orders finished for the 2017/18 winter season

Please feel free to fill in the contact form to make any reservations for next season starting autumn.

Brexit notification: Deliveries of plants can be anywhere in the EU, as normal, in the 2018/19 season up until March 2019. After that … nobody yet knows what the rules will be about sending plants to other parts of Europe outside the UK!

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New introductions for 2017/18 season include:

  • American persimmons Meader, Yates
  • Apricot Kioto
  • Bamboos Phyllostachys aurea, Semiarundinaria fastuosa
  • Blackberries Agawam, Black Butte, Black Giant, Merton Thornless, Triple Crown
  • Blueberries Brigitta, Chandler
  • Cornus capitata
  • Damson Blue Violet
  • Echinacea purpurea
  • Elderberries Korsor, Viridis
  • Fig Red Bordeaux
  • Gages Lindsey, Reine Claude Violet
  • Glechoma hederacea
  • Hawthorns C.pojarkove, C.pontica, C.zbiginiew
  • Lupinus x russellii
  • Mulberry Pendula
  • Myrtle
  • Pears Benita Rafzas, Beurre Superfin
  • Plum Juna
  • Raspberries Autumn Treasure, Cowichan
  • Saskatoons Honeywood, JB30
  • Sea buckthorn Friesdorfer Orange
  • Stachys palustris – marsh woundwort
  • Walnuts Lara, Red Danube

Most apple, pears, plums etc. are 1.2 to 1.8 m (4-6 ft) high. Varieties marked * are protected by plant breeder’s rights.

Current Stock

As the selling season progresses, stock levels of our plants will start going down. For a current overview of plants left in stock, please navigate here:

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