Plant ordering will go live again in July, for deliveries from November onwards


We should be able to send plants to other EU countries until at least the end of 2020.

To send a reservation list of plants you would like next autumn, please use the message form at

New introductions in 2019 include:

  • Allium proliferum - Egyptian onion
  • Mulberry Bistrica
  • Plum Katinka
  • Miracot Sprimira
  • Rowan Klosterneuberg, Nevezhinkskaya
  • Sorbus hybrids Burksina, Titan
  • Hazels Fertile de Coutard, Lewis
  • Walnuts Apollo, Jupiter, mars, Saturn
  • Fragaria vesca varieties
  • Perpetual leeks
  • Asparagus Conovers Colossol, Jersey Knight
  • Bergenia cordifolia
  • Cymbopogon spp - lemon grass, ginger lemon grass
  • Ligusticum scoticum - Scotch lovage
  • Rumex patienta - herb patience
  • Tulbaghia violacea - society garlic
  • Perennial N-fixers Amorpha, Baptisia, Galega, Lotus etc

Most apple, pears, plums etc. are 1.2 to 1.8 m (4-6 ft) high. Varieties marked * are protected by plant breeder’s rights.

Current Stock As the selling season progresses, stock levels of our plants will start going down. For a current overview of plants left in stock, please navigate here: Top Fruit Soft Fruit Nuts Unusual Edibles & Other Plants

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