Filmed & Edited by Phil Moore

Written & narrated by Martin Crawford

Audio recorded by Seema Patel & Randy Mayers

Additional footage by Martin Crawford & Costa Boutsikaris

Additional photos by Joanna Brown

Drawings by Marion Smylie-Wild

Drone footage by Tony Keen

Animation by Martin Crawford

Produced by Phil Moore & Lauren Simpson



Photos used by permission under a Creative Commons attribution share-alike license: by VoDeTan2Dericks-Tan by Qwert1234 by Tashkoskim by Nova by Sten Porse by Mullookkaaran by Tigerente by Mjeltsch by Christer T Johansson by Sporti,_Loleta_CA.jpg by Ellin Beltz by Josve05a by Rosa-Maria Rinkl by Aconcagua by Anna reg by Stan Shebs by Sanja565658 by Stefan.lefnaer by Richardkw by Donar Reiskoffer by Richard Bartz,_Green_Mountain_National_Forest.jpg by David Brossard by panoramio by Mayumi Kataoka by LinnaeusЦветок_караганы,_2016.CW3ER.jpeg by Gyft Xelz—Gaultheria_shallon—RPBG_(11974337485).jpg by John Rusk by Zeynel Cebeci by Consultaplantas by Bangin by Dendrofil by Llez by Joozwa by Pavel Leman by Fastily by Downtowngal by Jokopein by Zcebeci by Ies by Magnus Manske by B.Navez by Yuriy75 by Oregon Caves by BotBln by Dinkum,_Korea.JPG by Dalgial by Edibleoffice by WildBoar by Molekuel by Franz Xaver by 4028mdk09 by CommonismNow by Chmod007 by Rasbak by Adam Peterson by Josve05a by Josve05a by HeatSink by Valerius Tygart,_with_hazelnut_to_show_size.JPG by Rowan Adams by F & K Starr by Sesamehoneytart by Arn by Oxfordian Kissuth by Glysiak


Video 1

Music by Tap o’ Noth Farm

Graphics by P&B Productions

Photo of Robert Hart by Fransjan de Waard

Photos of Robert Hart’s Garden by Chris Evans

Photos by Martin Crawford

Video 7

Photo courtesy of Hyphae Shroomery:

Video 10

Contains footage from the Woodland Trust ‘Year in the Life of…’ videos, filmed by Alex Nail and Guy Richardson

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