Reply To: Oleaster nitrogen outreach

Aline Van Moerbeke

I have been looking for the Eleagnus species mentioned here, the local greenhouse is new to me and does not know many of the plants I ask about… and then I found a neighbour with Eleagnus Ebbingei hedges! He has given me two little “feet” that he uprooted (the birds had planted them outside of his designed area!), I am hoping they will catch on! Now my question is on the status of the mycorrhizal fungal system, are there any Mediterranean bio-indicators that can tell me more on first sight?

Most often I have worked regeneratively, this time, in a new project, I am trying to co-live with the forest. A small clearing in the front of the house has been scorched (Mediterranean, coastal, North of Barcelona) and needs regreening, around the sides and back of the house we are opening up small clearings for fire control as well as vegetable garden beds/fruit trees/forest garden transition belt. I understand that I’ll need to make sure the veg get plenty more nitrogen because of what you said in the video (mature forests don’t have as much need for nitrogen), so I’ll be making compost I suppose (input for now) but hope to get some good nitrogen fixers going.

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