Consultancy Network

The map shows an overview of agroforestry consultancy services in the UK, Europe and beyond. The services are divided by operational scale, as is shown in the map key. Farm scale agroforestry is usually alley cropping or wood pasture systems. Garden scale agroforestry is usually forest gardens and perennial cropping systems.

To use the map, zoom in on the desired area and click on one of the colored pins to view the available information.

Do you offer agroforestry consultancy services and would you like to be included in this map? Please contact us here. We are happy to populate the map with consultancy services from anywhere in the world.

Map Key

Pin ColourConsultancy Type
Garden and Farm scale (Permaculture oriented)
Garden and Farm scale
Garden Scale
Farm Scale
Disclaimer: Inclusion on this map should not be taken as a recommendation or endorsement by the Agroforestry Research Trust.
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