The Agroforestry and Forest Garden Network

This is an informal network of people and organisations planning or already cultivating their own agroforestry or forest garden systems, with the aim to facilitate visits to each others sites – one of the best ways to improve our knowledge about these forms of temperate agroforestry.

The network is based in Britain, with most members there, but with others from other parts of Europe.  Martin Crawford of the ART has offered to administer the network.

There is no newsletter as such – in late winter, the ART will email a letter out to all members inviting offers of visits (specific date(s) or open invites) over the coming year. These will be collated and posted on a members page on our website. It will then be up to members who they visit.

There is no charge to be a member – simply fill out the form below to request to be put on the membership list.

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