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The ART has a team of consultants to help advise with your project, whether it be forest gardening/food forestry, hedges and shelterbelts, orchards, silvopasture or silvoarable agroforestry systems. The team has over 40 years combined experience of organic horticulture, agriculture and agroforestry.

Due to time and eco constraints, in-person consultancy is often only available relatively near to south Devon. If you are further afield then do enquire as it sometimes possible; but also, remote consultancy is possible, for example commenting on planting plans etc. 

A spectrum of options is available, from a walk around a piece of land whilst verbally discussing options and plans, rough or complete design plants, to email consultancy. 

Please use the contact form below to enquire about options and rates.

Meet the team

Martin Crawford

Martin is the founder and Director of the ART with many years experience of growing and designing forest gardens and agroforestry systems. He particularly likes growing new plants and finding new and interesting ways to cook and preserve unusual crops. When not dabbling with plants he enjoys listening to modern jazz and weird electronica.

Fran Welch
Fran is an alumna of Schumacher College, where she completed the Residency in Sustainable Horticulture and went on to work in the college’s Garden Team. As well as working at ART, she also works for a small tree nursery in Dartington, honing her knowledge of rare and local apple trees. Her personal passion for unique and interesting apple varieties has culminated in a quest to try and taste, rate, and promote as many apple varieties as she can possibly find! (check it out on @eudaimonia_garden) As a keen chef, Fran takes a particular interest in the culinary characteristics and potential of forest garden produce. She is often found in our kitchen testing out recipes, experimenting with flavours and finding new ways to use the plethora of FG ingredients.

Caitlin Hudson
Caitlin also attended the Residency in Sustainable Horticulture at Schumacher College, where her volunteer placement at ART led to her job working with us. She is particularly interested in re-introducing high nutritional value crops into our diet; her desire is to inspire and empower others in the practice of foraging, processing and preserving perennial crops— which we do a lot of here at ART— and to re-discover and encourage practices around food and tradition, learnt from current cultures around the world, and history before us. Alongside ART, Caitlin also works in a metal workshop, is a keen seamstress, and a passionate crafter. “I am humbled to be able to craft and create, surrounded by a wealth of interesting forest garden plants and the magical Dartmoor landscape beyond ART, to play, appreciate and create with.” 

Ellen Tasou
Ellen joined ART in the summer of 2021 after completing her horticultural studies with the University of Bristol Botanic Garden. A herbal enthusiast and all round plant nerd, she especially enjoys growing medicinal and fibre plants for use in wild crafts. In her spare time she moonlights as a multi instrumentalist playing a range of genres from old time blues to canterbury scene prog rock.




Holly Nevill   she her/ they them

I am curious to learn if growing, harvesting, eating, laughing and playing together can help us build kind and generous relationships with the land, eachother and ourselves. 
I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of perennials so that more people are able and inspired to be nourished by what grows around them. 


Arran Denning  

Arran (they/them) begun their horticultural journey over a decade ago, as an ornamental gardener. They worked under a landscape designer who incorporated food into aesthetic garden designs. After studying Ecology & Conservation Biology (and then Poetry) at the University of St Andrews, and working in conventional agriculture, Arran moved to Devon and was the Horticultural Intern at Schumacher College. Now, when not working in the forest gardens and plant nursery at ART, Arran teaches biosciences and horticultural skills on Schumacher’s Regenerative Food and Farming (BSc) course. Arran loves perennial veg and is interested in how to get continuous cropping, an appropriate yield, and a sense of place from an ecological design.

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