The Agroforestry Research Trust is a non-profit making charity, registered in England, which researches into temperate agroforestry and into all aspects of plant cropping and uses, with a focus on tree, shrub and perennial crops.

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Trees for Gardens, Orchards and Permaculture

Martin Crawford's new book with a selection of over one hundred of the best productive trees that can be grown in Europe and North America.


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Forest Gardening /
Food Forests
Design Course

Learn how to design, implement and maintain a temperate forest garden or food forest, with frequent visits into our 19-year-old established forest garden.


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Research Site Tours

The Agroforestry Research Trust is inviting interested visitors on a tour of our each of our three sites, led by Martin Crawford. Numbers are limited to 25 adults. Children are welcome as long as they are supervised.


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Young fruits of Bentham's Cornel (Cornus capitata), an excellent banana-flavoured fruit from the dogwood family.

This and lots more trees are featured in Martin Crawford's recent book 'Trees for gardens, orchards and permaculture'
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To most gardeners, Houttounia is simply an ornamental pond edge plant, however it has long been a popular culinary herb in Vietnam and Southern China, with the leaves and roots having a strong tangerine+coriander flavour.

Houttounia is in fact also one of the most widely used medicinal plants in East Asia. During the recent SARS outbreak in China, scientists investigating the plants used in traditional medicine in the search for answers to this previously unknown disease, discovered Houttounia had a unique anti-SARS effect, owing to its anti-inflammatory properties.
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Japanese wineberries - one of the nicest fruits in the whole Rubus family. ... See MoreSee Less

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